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Land Based vs. Online Casino Jackpots

Whether you are playing on a progressive jackpot game in a land based gaming venue or online, the value of that game’s jackpot should always be on display for you to see and that prize pool should constantly update in realtime as each player places a wager on that particular game.

The difference with online progressive jackpots is that they are often being played around the world by thousands, if not millions of players, simultaneously, so the prize pools can climb to extraordinary amounts in just a short period of time compared with land based progressive jackpots.

For example, a progressive jackpot slot called Mega Moolah (by Microgaming), can be found in just over 140 secure Microgaming powered online casinos and this jackpot game can be played 24/7.

Land based jackpots can therefore take much longer to grow, plus land based jackpot games may not always be accessible to the vast majority of today’s gamblers. Not everyone has the chance to fly out to Vegas or visit their casino to play on a real slot, which is why players tend to favour progressive jackpot games from online casinos.

Many land-based progressive jackpot games are actually old-fashioned mechanical slot machines but the modern land-based video slots are played out on television screens with reliable RNG’s determining the outcomes.

Some of the latest land-based progressive jackpot video slots even have touch screen technology so you don’t need to pull a lever or push a huge button to spin the reels, you just have to touch the on-screen player controls to spin the reels. These modern land based slots look almost identical to the ones that you can find online in a virtual environment.

Land based progressive slots are actual physical machines where you can win real cash from a dispenser that is usually located towards the bottom or the side of the machine. You will never be able to touch real money when playing on an online progressive game because the cash is being held in your virtual account. You would have to transfer your winnings from your online casino account to either your bank account or e-wallet before you could get your hands on the money.

Both land-based slot machines and online slot machines are extremely popular, but being able to play a progressive jackpot game from wherever you may be makes online jackpot games more appealing. All you need is a reliable computer with a decent internet connection and at least a minimum deposit of $/€/£10 or $/€/£20 to play.