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Megaball Progressive Review

Mega Ball is a progressive jackpot numbers game that was developed by Playtech. This game is based on random numbers being drawn like a game of lottery or bingo. A new game will start every minute and basically with each new game, six numbers are randomly drawn out of the machine. These numbers will then remain in place for the next 50 seconds.

Each ball that is drawn could range from number 1 to 48 and it will either be a blue ball, a yellow ball or a red ball. When placing your bet (on which balls you think will be drawn), you will have a number of different bets to choose from. These options are located in the centre of the game window. To win the Progressive Jackpot, you will need to get five correct balls.

For each betting option, there are several different ‘markets’ available, which are basically known as different games and they include ‘Jackpot’, ‘Colors’, ‘Cocktail’, ‘Sixth’, ‘Steps’, ‘Numbers’, ‘First and Last’, or ‘Total’.

In the Colors Game you can choose a colour and you can also then choose the number of balls for that colour (either 0 – 6). The odds range from x12.90 to x1450. In the Cocktail Game, you can choose one of two cocktails. In the Sixth Game, you can choose which number you think will come out last.

In the Steps Game, you can choose whether every next ball is higher than the previous ball, or lower than the previous ball. In the Numbers Game, all you have to do is select one to four balls. Depending on how many you get correct will determine your payout. The odds range from x7.60 to x12300.00.

On the ‘First and Last’ Game, simply choose whether the first ball is higher than the last, or vice versa. The last game, called Total, is where you simply have to guess the grand total of the value of balls combined. The odds here range from as little as x2.75 up to as much as x5200. Once you have decided on a possible outcome, all that’s left to do now is place your bet.