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NetEnt Keno Jackpot worth almost £24,000

Date: August 15, 2013

For those of you who prefer games other than slot machines with big prizes, you may want to check out Progressive Jackpot Keno at Mr Green Casino. The current prize pool for this numbers/lottery style casino game has almost hit the £24,000 mark. This accumulating prize pool has been climbing for several months now, so maybe it's time it was finally cracked by one lucky player.

You can practice on this game in the free play mode at Mr Green Casino, but while the jackpot is this high, we recommend jumping straight into the real cash mode. The Keno grid contains 80 numbers and you can select between two and ten numbers. Based on how many you choose will determine the actual prizes that you can win. The progressive jackpot is awarded when you select ten numbers and then all ten are randomly drawn.

Place a bet from as little as £1.00 coins up to a fixed maximum of 5.00 coins per game. You can choose your numbers manually or you can select Auto Pick and the system will randomly select ten numbers for you. To de-select a number, simply click on that same highlighted number again on the grid and it will automatically disappear from view. You can then also select the autoplay button and choose either 5 autoplays or 10 autoplays.

The history of previous draws will always be on display towards the left hand side of the game window and if you want, you can play on this game in the fullscreen mode. The value of the progressive jackpot is always on display towards the top right hand side of the game window. Towards the left hand side, you should also notice some Bonus Symbols.

Hidden behind random numbers on the keno grid are joker symbols and this is the reason for this bonus table. You need to collect five of these jokers (which are automatically stored for you each time you find one) and when you find all five jokers, the Bonus Paytable will be triggered. This new paytable basically awards one FREE ROUND with double prizes. After one game is complete, the paytable will then return to the normal paytable.